Boris Becker: Lilly Becker is “surprised” by the verdict

Boris Becker
Lilly Becker is “surprised” by the verdict

Lilly Becker is “surprised” by Boris Becker’s prison sentence.

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Boris Becker has to go to prison for two and a half years. Lilly Becker was “surprised” by the verdict, as she explained in a statement.

Boris Becker (54) has to go to prison for two and a half years. Lilly Becker (45) has now responded to the verdict. In a statement she gave to RTL, she explained that she was “surprised”. “Nobody expected this”. After all, Boris Becker “didn’t kill anyone”. “What is happening now has something to do with taxes,” said Lilly Becker. “He’s a man, a person, a father, an ex-husband to me, to Barbara, and a public figure.”

Lilly Becker also told how she now looks to the future: “I’m not afraid because I’m a tough woman, I learned that from Boris. Whatever happens, it always has to go on,” she emphasized. The model further clarified: “I’m only making this statement because it’s important that each person knows that we – Amadeus, Noah, Elias, Barbara, his girlfriend Lilian – we all stand behind Boris, no matter what happens.”

Lilly and Boris Becker married in 2009 and separated in 2018. The two have a son together, Amadeus (born 2010). The tennis legend was previously married to Barbara Becker (55) from 1993 to 2001. From this marriage came the sons Noah (28) and Elias (22).

Why does Boris Becker have to go to prison?

Judge Deborah Taylor sentenced Becker to two and a half years in prison last Friday. He had previously been found guilty on four out of 24 charges by a grand jury in his adopted home of London.

The former tennis pro is said to have concealed his fortune in the millions after he was declared bankrupt by a London court in 2017. Becker and his team can still appeal the guilty verdict and the sentence.


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