Book “Fake AI”: The big bluff with artificial intelligence – economy

If it says artificial intelligence, there is often stupidity inside. A book by network expert Frederike Kaltheuner highlights the hype surrounding self-learning software. Why people and companies can be tricked into useless technology.


Jannis Brühl

The book that Frederike Kaltheuner published is not beautiful, and that is on purpose. Gray spots and streaks run across the pages, as if someone had spilled paint. Software is to blame for the lack of taste. “We asked ourselves how it would be if we let an artificial intelligence (AI) design the book?” Says the 32-year-old network policy expert. “The end result is visually exhausting – because an AI can’t really do that.” Even the design should prove the thesis of your book: A large part of the AI ​​applications marketed as revolutionary is little more than digital junk that is misused or even dangerous pseudoscience. Kaltheuner has worked for network policy organizations for years and researches what digital technology means for people. “Fake AI” is the name of the book in which computer scientists, journalists and artists write in English about the dark side of the AI ​​hype that has electrified the economy for half a decade.

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