Bonn: Employees of the regulatory office delete their own traffic tickets

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Bonn: Employees of the public order office delete their own parking tickets from the system

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In Bonn, employees of the public order office deleted tickets that had been issued against them. Those concerned were warned and transferred.

Employees of the city of Bonn have apparently deleted fines that were issued against them from the system. The “Bonner Generalanzeiger” initially reported on an employee of the regulatory office who had removed a ticket that had been issued against him for illegal parking. It was about a ticket in the amount of ten euros. Another case later became known. There were now consequences under employment law for both employees: They were warned and transferred. One of those affected had sued in vain against the warning.

Apparently, such and similar practices have a system in the North Rhine-Westphalian city. As the “Bonner Generalanzeiger” reports, employees of the regulatory office attach stickers to their private cars to identify them for colleagues on duty. In this way, they avoid getting tickets for parking violations.

Bonn: scandal in the regulatory office

Deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann confirmed these incidents and stated that the practice would now be stopped: “It was not possible to determine which specific people actually received or accepted the stickers and whether, when and by whom these stickers were used at all.” And: “The city continues to ensure that such practices are not permitted through work instructions and raising employee awareness. It is constantly working on optimizing control mechanisms if there are indications of abuse of trust,” says Hoffmann.

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In general, it is possible that speeding tickets would be withdrawn during controls, said the spokesman: “Cases in which a verbal warning without a warning fine is sufficient are, for example, when drivers have failed to display the parking disc or parking ticket, but shortly after the parking violation has been recorded, return to the vehicle in the presence of the employee and display the parking disc or parking ticket or drive the vehicle away.”

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