Bone density – are vitamin D and calcium useful in the premenopause?

A total of seven randomized, controlled studies with almost 1,000 healthy, premenopausal participants – based on this data, the Cochrane scientists for their review To fall back on. Received from the participants

  • 138 a calcium supplement,
  • 110 took D vitamins (D2 or D3),
  • 271 supplemented with both calcium and vitamin D and
  • 422 participants received placebo tablets.

A bone density measurement was carried out on all participants at the beginning and end of the respective study, either at the hip or at the lumbar spine. The sobering result: In none of the three groups that took supplements could benefits be shown compared to placebo. Therefore, the authors conclude that there is no advantage in taking calcium and/or vitamin D in healthy premenopausal women.

However, they also noted that most studies were at risk for various biases – so are more studies needed? The authors also deny this, but studies regarding subgroups would be interesting – such as premenopausal women with already reduced bone density or diseases that can promote the decrease in bone density.

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