Bob Dylan apologizes for fake signature

The luxury edition of Bob Dylan’s book “The Philosophy of Modern Song” was supposed to cost $600, allegedly signed by the master himself. It has now become known that a machine has done the signing work. After the publisher Simon & Schuster had already apologized, Bob Dylan has now sent a personal message to his “fans and followers” on Facebook: There he writes that he had a “bad dizzy spell” in 2019 and justified his Decision also with the restrictions caused by the corona pandemic. It would have taken a crew of five to facilitate the signing sessions, which they ultimately couldn’t find an infection-proof way to do. It was “impossible” to sign the books, and contractual deadlines threatened. It was then suggested to him to have the signatures made by a signing machine. He was also assured that something like this happens “constantly in the literary world”. “Using a machine was a mistake,” writes Dylan, promising to work with his publisher to correct the error. Simon & Schuster had already stated that they would reimburse the buyers of the book.

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