Blue tiles in the bathroom: 18 decorating ideas

© Leroy Merlin © Naxos

Blue tiles for a trendy bathroom

Blue tiles are undeniably a good choice for a trendy bathroom! Because if it is true that this color is timeless, it is also terribly current.

Matt Blue
© Marazzi

With its matte finish, the dark blue tiles bring a touch of softness to this small industrial-inspired bathroom, which gives pride of place to stone and concrete. We love the format: large rectangular tiles that fit perfectly into the current trend.

Matte Peacock Blue
© Leroy Merlin

Marble floors, lion’s feet bathtub and stylish furniture… This bathroom could have afforded a very chic classic look. This is without counting on the peacock blue tiles. We like this shade slightly darker than duck blue, which does not lack elegance; we love the chevron pattern which brings dynamism to the decoration.

Blue Blue Zellige Aspect Tiles
© Parquet Tiles

The zellige-look tiling seduces with its brilliance and its irregular appearance, which makes the light sparkle. When it comes in blue, it irresistibly evokes a body of water: an aesthetic that makes it a very good choice for bringing color to a Zen bathroom.

Tiles And Concrete
© Parquet Tiles

The minimalist trend is particularly appreciable in the bathroom, where a refined decoration creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and relaxation. This very contemporary concrete bathroom revisits the tile-cement, which is available here in a stylized blue pattern, fresh and contemporary.

Blue And Dark Wood
© Espace Aubade

Driven by Mid Century inspiration, the trend is currently for dark or red wood species. Here’s a good thing: blue is one of the most effective colors for highlighting them!

Blue And Ecru
© Lasselsberger

For a fresh and warm atmosphere at the same time, we love the combination of blue tiling and ecru color: soft, luminous, elegant… it definitely has it all! And we hasten to copy the graphic play of this pretty contemporary bathroom, which alternates rectangular tiles and a mosaic.

Blue And Charcoal Gray
© Leroy Merlin

Hammam inspiration for this large-format bathroom, which combines blue tiles with the very trendy dark gray. Alternating colors and patterns allows here to structure the space and enhance the volumes, while creating a very cozy atmosphere.

Blue tiles for a creative bathroom

Blue is a peaceful color, evoking both dreams and wisdom. But when it comes to decor, there is no lack of imagination … especially in the bathroom!

Contemporary Blue
© Espace Aubade

Very contemporary atmosphere, for this designer bathroom that combines blue and white. This pretty tandem works especially well in a windowless or poor natural light bathroom. We then think of working on lighting, for example by focusing on a light mirror.

© Espace Aubade

Japanese inspiration or neo art deco spirit: seashell tiles have more than one trick up their sleeve! We love the way it frames the basin, skilfully chosen in a shade of ocher that goes perfectly with the blue.

Light Blue Japandi Spirit
© Decoceram

Full of softness and ideal for dreaming, sky blue is an excellent choice for bathroom tiles. We immediately have our heads in the clouds when entering this minimalist bathroom in the Japanese spirit: here is the perfect setting to relax!

Assorted Pattern Tiles -
© Naxos

These blue tiles are adorned with a beautiful assortment of patterns. All in delicacy, this type of earthenware is ideal in association with a very sober tiling – gray, taupe or white – as well as with raw and mineral materials: slate, natural stone or concrete.

Seaside spirit
© Arte One

It floats like a holiday wind in this contemporary bathroom. The combination of blue and white tiles immediately creates a summery atmosphere, which is also perfect for a seaside decor.

Mixture Of Genres
© Leroy Merlin

Soft contrast, between these large very contemporary petroleum blue tiles and this frieze made up of small retro models! And the least we can say is that this mix and match works pretty well!

Attic bathroom
© Ikea

In this bathroom in the attic, the blue tiling allows the volumes to be skilfully redrawn. Despite a delicate configuration, the space is resolutely cozy and full of charm.

Blue Terrazzo
© Parquet Tiles

If the blue tiles are irresistible on the walls of the bathroom, they are equally stunning as a floor covering. We particularly like terrazzo, which is just as effective in a contemporary bathroom as in a retro decor.

Don’t feel like removing the bathroom tiles?

Blue tile may be irresistible in the bathroom, but you might not have the inclination, the time or the budget to lay down your old tile for a replacement. Then bet on the alternative: blue adhesive tiles!

Blue Tiles On The Floor
© Carrelage Adhesif Fr

Pimp a white bathroom or wake up a gray bathroom too wise? Nothing could be simpler, with a pretty blue adhesive tile on the floor!

Adhesive Terrazzo Frieze
© Leroy Merlin

To give a little relief to a painted wall in the bathroom, dare the adhesive terrazzo frieze in blue.

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