Blocked at home because a sidewalk is too small, this Toulouse woman brings the city to its knees

She sometimes “jumps on the low wall” to avoid the rear view of a truck and she only ventures beyond her gate “by ear”. Lucie Lafabrie lives on Chemin du Château de l’Hers in Toulouse, in a house located “at the exit of a bend” and purchased in 2013, just before unbridled urban planning affected her neighborhood, leading to the construction of nine new residences in a decade. In front of her house, a car cannot pass a bus or a truck without one of the two vehicles having to encroach on the tiny sidewalk, barely “90 cm wide”. The family no longer counts the unwanted “touches” and collects hubcaps.

But the nightmare may be over. This Thursday, the administrative court of Toulouse condemned the commune and the metropolis to “carry out all the necessary work” so that Lucie “can enter and leave her home in complete safety and have vehicle access to her property”. He gave communities six months to resolve the problem. How ? “It’s not for me to say,” slips the mother. In the four years since she started this procedure, she has been made to understand that she is not a road technician.

Fear of a call

“It was a bit like David against Goliath,” admits the woman who did not sleep all night as she is “relieved and delighted” by the court’s decision. Since the densification of the district, the Chemin du Château de l’Hers is the only two-way route connecting Avenue de Castres to Avenue Jean-Chaubet, two very busy routes. It is used by bus line 19 and must accommodate Linéo 12, an express line equipped with articulated buses. Fixing the problem will be a headache for the technicians.

“But we had to anticipate before giving building permits,” emphasizes Lucie Lafabrie. She enjoys it but also fears that the opposing party will appeal.

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