Blattmacher competition: What prizewinners and jury say – Bavaria


Svea Metzner distributed, collected and evaluated questionnaires about pets in the classes at her school. Then she did interviews with the owners of animals.

The most beautiful experience:

Visiting the animal shelter Berganza in Gaustadt. For example, we spent a long time with the dogs and the cats – they were so cute.

The biggest challenge:

Before the interview with the actress Annika Preil, she makes the animal documentary series “Anna and the Wild Animals”, I was very excited. But then it went quite well.

The dream job:

Now I really feel like trying out making newspapers as a job.

The jury on “Ketchup”

The main topic “animals” arose from a survey of pets – noticeably a matter close to the heart of the editors, which is illuminated extensively and in a very varied way. With informative articles, entertaining puzzles and craft instructions, and even your own stories with and about animals, this magazine is a lot of fun to read. Reports on school campaigns give a lively insight into the school year, and art also runs through the magazine, starting with the cover with a wonderfully colorful gallery of self-painted pictures.

The idea

Valeria Josipovic and the magazine “Die Idee” took first place in the paper-making competition for junior high schools.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

Valeria Josipovic contributed impressive drawings to the current issue. But she also wants to write soon – about Zagreb and the Kunstverein Bad Wörishofen.

The most beautiful experience: The teamwork, we all worked really well together, I thought that was great.

The biggest challenge: The short time: Because of Corona, there were always restrictions, which is why we had to work on our newspaper for a very long time.

The dream job: In any case, it should have something to do with art. I want to study art and create something creative in my future job.

The jury on “The Idea”

The reader is also led into the magazine via the successful title page. Among other things, you learn exciting things about a trip to the moor or about the new headmistress. A text about the war in Ukraine is very topical, and a report about a veterinarian in Mexico is interesting. The editors also encourage participation. So she started a survey on environmental protection at the school and gave good tips for individual energy saving.


Sheet maker competition: Barbara Krämer and the magazine "PEERPlus" took first place in the high school leaf maker competition.

Barbara Krämer and the magazine “PEERPlus” took first place in the grammar school paper making competition.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

Barbara Krämer took on the role of editor-in-chief and was therefore involved in all phases of the development process, including the search for financiers. But what mattered most to her was the layout of the paper. She also wrote the main text critical of the church.

The most beautiful experience: For me, that was the seminar for which we withdrew for three days in Kloster Banz. So we thought about the content and form of our newspaper.

The biggest challenge: Basically everything went fine. The year was nice because Corona no longer dominated so extremely.

The dream job: I want to study medicine.

The jury about “PEERPlus”

Jesus with a broken arm on the front page – that takes courage, especially from a Christian school. This courage of the editors runs through the next 105 pages. Under the key question “Everything okay?” the team manages to gather a wide range of topics. From the new school wing to a student’s stay in Ireland to the state of the Catholic Church: the magazine has a reader-friendly layout, is mature, cheeky and opinionated. In the end, one thing is certain: it’s never all good – but it’s not all that bad either.

The Waldi Times

Sheet maker competition: Yanosch Ritzkowsky and the magazine "The Waldi Times" took first place in the middle school leaf maker competition.

Yanosch Ritzkowsky and the magazine “The Waldi Times” took first place in the paper-making competition for middle schools.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

In a text article, Yanosch Ritzkowsky dealt with fire protection at his school. Like the other editorial staff of the “Waldi Times”, he was also involved in the layout and sales of the newspaper.

The most beautiful experience: Reed making has brought our class together quite well. Working independently – often without a teacher – was great fun.

The biggest challenge: The little time we had during the holidays to interview people we needed for our stories.

The dream job: Firefighter, at least it should be a job in which I can help people or animals.

The jury on “The Waldi Times”

The project phase of class 7 at the Waldorf School in Landsberg was really worth it. The result is a great body of work that impresses with a wide range of topics – from the effects of the Ukraine conflict to vandalism and the addictive potential of online games. The individual reports impress with their conciseness, well-founded research and a very appealing presentation. It is impressive how the young writers manage to address both their classmates and the entire school family with their topics. Hats off to this journalistic achievement! Project weeks like this are welcome to happen again!


Sheet Maker Competition: Katerina Klomp and the Magazine "KOKO" took first place in the sheet maker competition for special needs schools.

Katerina Klomp and the magazine “KOKO” took first place in the paper making competition for special needs schools.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

Katerina Klomp created the layout together with Luciano and with the help of Pixabay. Otherwise, the whole class wrote texts for the newspaper that were under the main topic of tolerance.

The most beautiful experience: The work and the atmosphere in the team, that was really the best thing for me. We were really excited about our topics.

The biggest challenge: That was dealing with the electronic aids. Because not everyone in the group had experience of working with computers and apps.

The dream job: I like investigating like a detective and would love to work on a homicide detective.

The jury about “KOKO”

The cover spoke to us directly – simple but effective thanks to the well-designed photo and title: “Now it’s getting colorful!” The key topic of diversity is well chosen due to its current socio-political relevance. You have succeeded in preparing this often controversial topic in an empathetic and versatile way. It was a pleasure to follow you through the magazine. A great element: You explain important terms on the subject of diversity in a very understandable way.


Sheet maker competition: Jan Lindner and the magazine "EUROPAblatt" took first place in the trade school leaf maker competition.

Jan Lindner and the magazine “EUROPAblatt” took first place in the sheet-making competition held by vocational schools.

(Photo: Robert Haas)

Jan Lindner wrote about the song “1944” with which Ukrainian singer Jamal won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. It is about Stalin’s recapture of Crimea, but its timeliness is obvious given the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The most beautiful experience: The exchange with a lot of people and the broadened view that you got as a result.

The biggest challenge: For me, that was definitely the little time that was still available for writing papers during the Abitur preparations.

The dream job: I would like to study special education to become a teacher.

The jury on “EUROPAblatt”

Europe and the Ukraine are the dominant themes, with profound, successful text contributions, to which the editors provide their own photos. That’s great, because many editorial offices now mostly only use the competition’s free databases and sometimes use pictures as they like. The clear layout, which serves the content and runs through it consistently, deserves praise. A multifaceted booklet, with informative and touching articles that are clever and interesting, with recipes for a vibrant Europe and tasty Ukrainian cuisine.

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