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The developers of the password manager Bitwarden want to revise the browser extensions. In addition to a “fresher look and feel”, this should also make it easier to use.


New look for Bitwarden’s password generator

The Bitwarden developers are revising the look and at the same time cleaning up the user interface.


The most important differences can already be seen using the example of the built-in password generator.

The old password generator from Bitwarden

The old password generator from Bitwarden

The previous look of the password generator in Bitwarden for comparison.

(Image: Screenshot / dmk)

The user interface uses new color schemes, updated fonts and a cleaner, tighter layout. This looks more modern overall, write the Bitwarden developers in a blog post.

The navigation and information architecture have been revised to improve the user experience. Key functions and actions are displayed more prominently so that they are easier to find. When adding new entries, the Add button has been moved up and is now a drop-down menu so that the different entry types (log-ins, business cards, identities or notes) can be selected directly. This saves a few clicks.

But the simplification can also be seen in the password generator example above. Whether a password, user name or passphrase should be created can be selected from a clearer and space-saving bar. This means that scrolling deeper can often be unnecessary.

The entry details have also been streamlined. The form now groups related fields and clear section headings. The programmers have simplified the names – the technical term URI has become Website, for example. The Bitwarden developers hope that this will make it easier for new users to get started and provide a better experience for existing Bitwarden users. The new version combines the “Tab” and “Vault” tabs under “Vault”, which should make searching and access more consistent. The filters should be easier to use thanks to direct integration into the new vault view.

New entry overview in Bitwarden

New entry overview in Bitwarden

The specific entries have also been streamlined.


The redesign is an ongoing process, the developers write. The screenshots shown so far represent a snapshot that will be distributed with updates in the “coming months”. Bitwarden has a survey in which the company asked interested parties about their opinions on the design changes.

The password manager Bitwarden recently received support for passkeys, which the developers also improved. Bitwarden also recently released a standalone authenticator, so that the time-based one-time passwords do not necessarily have to be created using the apps from companies such as Google or Microsoft. They can upload the secret seeds to the cloud for decentralized use, which is too risky for some users.


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