Bitget is registered in Seychelles. Plans to increase global workforce by 50%

Seychelles, November 22, 2022 – Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has officially announced its registration in the Seychelles region, expanding its global footprint. Add more in the future to benefit your marketing strategy. Because the company uses a decentralized management style. (Decentralized) so there is no specific company headquarters. In addition, Bitget’s annual recruitment plan for 2023 will focus on recruiting 1,200 new personnel within the first quarter of the year. This is considered an increase in the number of personnel by 50% from the existing number. In order to better respond to the needs of users and support the growth of the company itself.

This Seychelles company registration is regulated in accordance with the Principles. In addition to the registration, Bitget also established regional hubs in Asia (Asia) and Latin America (LATAM). It also plans to build more hubs in Europe and Africa to further enhance the company’s global reputation. Over the past few weeks, Bitget has initiated a number of initiatives to build trust and trust among users and the crypto industry, such as launchingBuilders Fund 5 million USD and increase the amount Protection Fund to 300 million USD etc. What’s more, Bitget continues to accelerate the recruitment process. There is no sign of being affected by the recent turbulence of the crypto industry.

In June, Bitget announced it would double its workforce, or equal to1,000 personnel by the end of 2022 And in the first quarter of 2023, Bitget intends to increase its workforce to a total of 1,200 in response to the growing user demand and further develop its business. June 2022 has already become a large team of more than 800 people. This increased the number of personnel by as much as 78% in just 4 months. And, of course, the number of personnel will continue to increase until the goal of 50% of the total number of employees is achieved. We are currently looking for a new member for our engineering team. and product, marketing and branding teams To be a part of product development and provide the best trading experience for users together

Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, said: “We view the Seychelles as a friendly region for the crypto community. which after we have been working on this registration for several months It was finally finished. It can be said that this registration in Seychelles will create a beneficial environment. as well as helping to unlock partnerships with partners and strengthen relationships with banks. Including increasing the opportunity for us to work with new partners such as the legendary Argentine footballer ‘Lionel Messi’ and the Italian football club ‘Juventus’ as well, and As we have expanded Bitget’s reputation globally. We are ready to fully embrace the concept of Web3 as well. so that the team can work together through a decentralized system without any main offices or intermediaries specific We believe that this type of management will attract talent from different countries. to work together Because we already focus on the growth of the company and the expansion of the business. It is very important for us to recruit good personnel. from all over the world and set up regional centers. to support marketing in the local community and coordinate marketing strategies at the same time.”

She also added that “Our recruitment process must be aligned with our global expansion goals. and long-term strategy always And we will continue to search and hire new personnel despite the current market sentiment situation. We believe that a competent and qualified team will help develop Bitget as a secure and reliable platform. Build trust and attract users in this highly competitive industry. This will ultimately lead to the emergence of a robust and trusted platform that can serve the community better than ever.”

About Bitget

Founded in 2018, Bitget is one of the world’s TOP 5 leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, characterized by cutting-edge products and core social trading features. Bitget is currently available to more than 8 million users. in 100 countries around the world already

Our platform is committed to providing users with a secure and comprehensive trading solution. With the aim of increasing the use of crypto even more by partnering with many trusted partners such as Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, United Juventus (Juventus), a leading football club from Italy, PGL Major, partner in the crypto E-sport industry, and Team Spirit, a global E-sport organization.

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