Bild-Editor-in-Chief: In the best sense of the word, inconspicuous – media

imageIn the years of Julian Reichelt, being boss meant being a general. Look out over Germany with binoculars from the Springer Tower, whip reporters to stories. Journalism as a battle. Now Johannes Boie, Reichelt’s successor, is not a war reporter, but a distinguished digital journalist. That does not have to mean that the new editor-in-chief of Germany’s highest-circulation daily newspaper does not have a soldier trait. But Boie is less conspicuous than Reichelt in the best sense of the word.

At 37, he took on the most powerful position in Germany’s tabloid journalism. While his predecessor drives down, he is with him image-Lift at the top. “EiC” for editor in chief Reichelt called himself on Twitter, Boie now has a down-to-earth “editor-in-chief BILD”.

For more down-to-earthness, more decency in boy’s club of the top Springer staff, Boie has been substituted on. He combines “journalistic excellence with modern leadership behavior”, according to the group. Boie now has to lead the “path of cultural renewal” that Axel Springer embarked on, primarily after the compliance proceedings against Julian Reichelt, which were quickly dealt with in the spring. Yet how much a boie im image-Cosmos can align at all, must show itself.

In the Süddeutsche Zeitung, where he started as an online intern, then worked as a volunteer and editor, he was instrumental in the development of the digital edition of the SZ and a paid content model. Later, as editor-in-chief of World on sunday, he made sure that the newspaper was tidier. One that has recently been able to boast of being the last real Sunday newspaper in quality journalism.

With the biggest difference image were. Because even if Springer media are often blended into a screaming pulp in the criticism, the difference between journalism and opinion journalism is still there world and World on sunday and the aggressive boulevard of the image sky high.

Boie is seen, especially in comparison, as rather cautious and deliberate, politically the world-Conservatism accordingly. So the kind of attitude that doesn’t like image raises the alarm for all sorts of things (Greece, Drosten), but rather delimits itself from the left. In his most recent comment in the World on sunday Boie warns of alliances with an SED-like left in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Last but not least, Boie owes his promotion to Springer to Mathias Döpfner. The CEO brought him from SZ to his office in Berlin in 2017, where Boie became his assistant and office manager. A good relationship that has now paid off for Boie. But this saying also comes from Döpfner image: If you take her up in the elevator, you also take her down in the elevator.

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