Bikers parade against technical control

A mobilization on two wheels. Several hundred motorcyclists marched in Paris on Sunday, after several regional cities the day before, to protest against the establishment of a technical control for motorized two-wheelers, noted an AFP journalist. “Motorcycle technical control: it’s still no! was the watchword of the demonstration called by the Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC).

The bikers, coming from Ile-de-France but also from Chartres or Orléans, left Porte Dauphine to reach the center of Paris and the surroundings of the Council of State, the supreme administrative jurisdiction having restored on October 31 for France the establishment of this technical control imposed by the European Union.

The Council of State “came out of its role”

According to the Council of State, the government had committed an “excess of power” when it had given up imposing a technical control on two-wheelers while the European Commission had established it to protect the safety of motorcyclists but also the environment.

The Commission had introduced this provision in 2014 for all EU countries, wishing it to be implemented from January 2022 for two-wheelers over 125 cm3. The application of this measure was scheduled for early 2023 before it was canceled by the government. After the judgment of the Council of State, the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune began to meet with the parties on the modalities to finally put it in place, on a date which has not yet been fixed.

” It’s ridiculous “

For the FFMC, which argues for a drop in mortality linked to two-wheelers for 10 years, the Council of State “has stepped out of its role”: “It is the government and the parliament that write the laws, and not the Council of State which has taken a political decision here”, accuses the association, denouncing “the lobbies of technical control and self-proclaimed ecological associations”.

“I think this story of motorcycle technical control is ridiculous,” said Serge Pelliccia, president of a motorcycle club in Chartres, in the procession. For him, “as much, indeed, there are cars that run in unfortunate states, but motorcycles, I don’t know a single biker who rides on a rotten motorcycle, in poor condition, without brakes, so I participate because I find it normal, because I think it’s a matter of money. On Saturday other fashion shows took place in Toulouse, Lille, Bordeaux and even Rennes.

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