Bikers angry at technical control that “doesn’t make sense”

More than 1,500 motorcyclists, from the south of France, marched on Saturday in Montpellier (Hérault), at the call of the Federation of Angry Motorcyclists of Hérault, to protest against the implementation of the technical control of the two- wheels. On October 31, the Council of State reinstated this system, a European obligation, the application of which was planned for the beginning of 2023, before its cancellation by the government.

“The Council of State has validated something that has been put in place by associations that are considered to be ecologists, sores from the beautiful Parisian districts”, scolded Jean-Luc Vrignaud, coordinator of the federation of the ‘Herault.

“We maintain our motorcycles”

Among the demonstrators, Pascal, from Narbonne (Aude). For him, “motorcycle accidents [sont] most often caused by a third party or road conditions. Imposing a technical control does not make sense for us, since in any case we maintain our motorcycles, the tires, the brakes, otherwise, we do not hold on the road. »

“When you pass the license […], we are taught to visualize that the problems of a poorly maintained motorcycle is the fall, chanted Jean-Luc Vrignaud, Saturday afternoon, in front of an assembly won over to his cause. A fall on a motorcycle is very serious. Why does nobody come to take care of what causes the most deaths, in particular the state of the roads… And what does the Council of State do for all these speed bumps put in place? »

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