Bigflo and Oli settle their “brother problems” on the set of blind auditions

All smiles, the candidate dressed in white awaits, confident gaze, the opinion of Bigflo and Oli on her recovery of a title from Gaël Faye. “We are going to solve a problem of brothers before, temporizes the first, overplaying the vehemence with his neighbor: “There was rap, beatbox and you, you are there” Yeah, I don’t know … “”. “I didn’t know where she was taking me. There were a lot of things, too much energy”, explains the second, calmly, to justify his reluctance to swivel the chair.

This scene, of which 20 minutes witnessed, took place on Tuesday, November 22, the second day of filming the blind auditions for the new (twelfth) season of The Voice. “It’s good, you don’t blame me anymore? asks Oli to his brother a few moments later. The estrangement was nothing very serious. And she was only the first of the day.

“I didn’t understand, you liked it, you were up! “, will be annoyed three talents further Bigflo, overwhelmed by the elimination of a candidate who woke up the Lendit studio (Seine-Saint-Denis) with his rock group. His neighbor does not lead off: “I regret it, I had too much of the original song in mind. This mea culpa will not prevent the afflicted from starting scene 2 of Act III of his sulking scene. He will even go so far as to leave the chair he shares with his partner to go into exile on another – because, alongside Amel Bent, Zazie and Vianney, the siblings count for a single coach.

“A different dynamic, something fun”

“They are two but must agree on each decision. As they are both brothers and a duo of artists, it creates a different dynamic, something very fun,” rejoices producer Matthieu Grellier backstage.

Bigflo and Oli certainly make the show. Especially Bigflo, unleashed that Tuesday. Before the recording of the collegiate – a version of Coup de vieux interspersed with Zen, My Philosophy and I’m leaving, he reveals his skills as an imitator. He masters the voice of Nikos Aliagas to near perfection, whose launches he enjoys parodying by announcing the (false) arrival of Koba LaD on the set.

“He’s a little comic, him”

Once the auditions have started, he makes his case by deflating those of his colleagues. ” Really ? Do you listen to a lot of rap, Zazie? “, he tackles his sidekick, kindly doubtful. When he learns that a candidate had the opportunity, five years ago, to sing with Vianney, of whom she is a fan, he declaims with the conviction of a boulevard comedian: “Oh la la la, what suspense ! We do not know which team she will join! “He’s a little comic, him,” the talent throws at him, without disassembling. The teasing accumulates to such an extent that Amel Bent ends up throwing at him: “You’re Liliane from Catherine and Liliane. You are a crazy bitch! »

Regularly, Bigflo gets up from his seat to spontaneously deliver his impressions to a camera located on one side of the stage. For example, when one of his favorites joins his team because he says he is “seduced by the brothers’ proposal” and that he “likes the music made with the family”, Bigflo approaches the objective and lets out a ” that’s good, that! “.

The shock of the “super block”

Of course, the Toulousain also knows how to be serious and constructive. To a young woman of 20, very convincing on a French pop title, he declares: “Great talents like you are even more beautiful when they are not aware of it. You have a lot of humility, it looks like you doubt your talent, it’s beautiful, it’s what makes there is magic when you sing. Oli engages: “We would very much like you to be on our team…”

But it was without counting on the super block which comes into play this year. Each coach now has the power to block another who has already turned, and can do so until the talent has made their team choice. Oli’s sentence therefore remained in suspense and the chair turned the other way, with its back to the stage. A disappointment which obviously did not leave Bigflo unmoved. And a perfect pretext for a new improvisational theater number that viewers will be able to discover during the broadcast on TF1 in early 2023.

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