Big money and old texting rule week three

End of the third week of the trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. The accusations of domestic violence made by the 36-year-old actress and the denials of the 58-year-old star have been at the heart of heated discussions since April 11 in the suburbs of Washington. These last few days have been an opportunity to focus on the galaxy of professionals who surround the actor (agent, driver, bodyguard, wealth or property manager), painting a portrait of Hollywood in all its excess.

A not very talkative doorman

Alejandro Romero is a doorman in a luxury building in Los Angeles where the couple lived. Testifying by video link, driving a car, he assured not to have seen marks on the face of Amber Heard after the couple’s final argument in May 2016. The actress appeared shortly after in court , apparently swollen, to apply for a protective order.

But the porter didn’t want to dwell on his memories. “I’m too stressed, I don’t want to have to meddle in this anymore,” he said, showing his ill will as he tugged on his e-cigarette. To drive the point home, he ended up starting his car. “Here’s a first, I’m sorry,” commented Judge Penney Azcarate, visibly taken aback.

A bodyguard with chiseled replicas

Security guard Malcolm Connolly has worked for Johnny Depp for twenty-three years. With a marked Scottish accent, he gave her unfailing support on Thursday, describing an Amber Heard “who wanted to wear the panties” and started arguments.

Asked about the actor’s alcohol and drug use, he assured that the star had “a high tolerance for all substances” and referred to his role in Pirates of the Caribbean : “I think Jack Sparrow was more drunk than Johnny…” Even in these circumstances, he never saw the actor urinate in a hallway, as a lawyer for Amber Heard suggested. “I think I would remember if I had seen Mr. Depp’s penis…”

Highlighting his financial dependence on the actor, Amber Heard’s lawyers asked him if he had received $8,500 in gifts over the years. “He gave me so much more than that! “replied Malcolm Connolly.

A financial manager comfortable with numbers

The lifestyle of Johnny Depp, who has owned 45 luxury cars, a yacht and several properties, has regularly hit the headlines. His “business manager”, Edward White, told Thursday how he had sought to redress his accounts, while settling the costs of the divorce with Amber Heard, pronounced in 2017.

“At first she was asking for four million dollars, but her requests kept increasing,” he said. In the end, Johnny Depp paid her $6.8 million, wrote checks for $200,000 in donations in her name, paid half a million to her lawyers, and assumed all debts incurred during their lifetime. municipality, or $13.5 million.

An agent who emerges from old text messages

Christian Carino was the agent and friend of the two actors, but no longer speaks to either of them. By video, he reported having tried, in vain, to reconcile them and read text messages exchanged with Amber Heard after their divorce. In a message, the actressAquaman said he was “sad” to have broken up with his new lover, billionaire Elon Musk. “You didn’t like him and you told me a thousand times that you just wanted to plug the hole,” replied the agent, advising him to stop dating “super famous people”.

And now ? Amber Heard’s lawyers wanted to hear Elon Musk and actor James Franco, another relative of their client. But the two men declined, without explaining their reasons.

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