Bielefeld: Driving school car lands on the roof after a parking attempt

Curious accident in Bielefeld
Driving school car lands on the roof after a failed attempt to park

Picture of a driving school car: In Bielefeld, a candidate for a driver’s license paid a considerable amount of money to learn

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In Bielefeld, a parking attempt during a driving lesson went wrong at most: In the end, the car landed on its roof

A parking attempt by a 56-year-old learner driver failed completely. In the parking lot of a commercial building in Bielefeld, the woman was supposed to practice parking the car backwards. Apparently she swapped the gas pedal for the brake pedal and drove backwards against a parked car, the police said on Tuesday evening. “Due to the force of the impact, the driving school vehicle stood up and tipped over on the roof in front of a wall,” the statement said.

The 56-year-old and her 49-year-old driving instructor were able to leave the car unharmed. The “Neue Westfälische” published a photo of the car.

Damage from the failed parking attempt in Bielefeld is in the tens of thousands

According to police, both vehicles involved were no longer roadworthy and had to be towed away. The police estimated the property damage at around 50,000 euros.

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