Betty Gilpin: “Glow” star talks about nightmare shoot

Betty Gilpin
“Glow” star tells of nightmare shooting

Betty Gilpin on the red carpet.

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Nightmare on the first shoot: The American actress Betty Gilpin was left in a body bag on the set.

For actress Betty Gilpin (35), the career began with a nightmarish experience on the set. The leading actress of the wrestling series “Glow” revealed this in an interview with late-night talker Jimmy Fallon (47).

Gilpin talked about her very first shoot on The Tonight Show. In an episode of the crime series “Law & Order” the beginner had to lie in a body bag. Lead actor Vincent D’Onofrio (62) also held a monologue. Then the command “cut” fell – and all employees left the location. Apparently they left Gilpin in the body bag!

She didn’t dare to scream

“I hear footsteps on gravel that are getting further and further away. Van doors are closing,” Gilpin recalled in an interview. “And then ten seconds pass and I hear a distant loudspeaker voice saying ‘Oh my God’.” Footsteps approached and staff freed Gilpin from the body bag.

Incidentally, Gilpin had not called for help. She just didn’t dare. “I wanted to be low maintenance,” she told Fallon. “I wanted to work with the team again in the same season.”

Betty Gilpin wasn’t shocked by the experience. She became known in 2013 with a role in “Nurse Jackie” and became a star with her leading role in the Netflix series “Glow”. In the mini-series “Gaslit” she will soon play a leading role alongside Julia Roberts (54) and Sean Penn (61).


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