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Joe Biden is scheduled to retire in 2024: that’s what more than half of the Democratic electorate wants. Only a third would like the president to be the party’s nominee for the next election. This is shown by the latest survey on the subject of Washington Post and ABC News. Such numbers are a serious problem for Democrats, with even the highly controversial Donald Trump enjoying stronger support among the Republican base. And he is likely to face competition soon, first on February 15 from former Governor Nikki Haley, and later probably from his most promising opponent, Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida.

Not so with the Democrats. Party friends do not attack the incumbent president without further ado. In recent US history, no challenger has ever won the primaries, but the challenged incumbent has always lost the election to the other party. This also explains why so far only one outsider has openly made plans to challenge Biden for the nomination: Marianne Williamson, bestselling author, political activist and leader of spiritual thought, as she describes herself. The 70-year-old’s books have titles like “A Return to Love” and “The Healing of America” ​​– she also talked about returning to love and healing America when she presented herself as the Democratic candidate in 2020 and had no chance.

Lots of trouble in New Hampshire

Although she has no better prospects this time, Williamson causes a lot of trouble for the Democrats. She plans to perform in New Hampshire soon, hitting a sore spot in the party. New Hampshire is traditionally the first state in which the Democrats hold primary elections; he follows on from Iowa, where the country’s first caucus, a voters’ convention for the nomination of presidential candidates, has been held a week before. Biden and the party leadership now want to break the influence of the two states dominated by white voters: They want to hold the first primary in South Carolina in 2024, which would strengthen the position of African American voters.

“The Healing of America”: Best-selling author Marianne Williamson wants to be the Democratic presidential candidate. She is considered to have no chance.

(Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP)

The plan has led to a rift in the party. Williamson is now bolstering party leadership’s fears that New Hampshire will not be easily reset. State law requires him to hold the first primary in the country anyway, and the Republican majority in the state legislature has no intention of changing that.

As healthy as Biden may be according to medical certificates, the Democrats need an emergency plan if they send a candidate over 80 into the long and arduous campaign. So far, however, nothing has leaked out. That’s why the same few names have been passed around for months as possible candidates alongside Biden.

From Kamala Harris to JB Pritzker

Kamala Harris often comes first, proving that most listings are not very informative. Because the Vice President has remained profileless in office. Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg, who had to take a lot of criticism because of spectacular breakdowns in air traffic, is usually far ahead. Amy Klobuchar, Senator from Minnesota, is also repeatedly mentioned. Jared Polis of Colorado is also frequently mentioned, one of a whole series of governors ranging from Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan to Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania to Gavin Newsom of California to multi-billionaire Jay Robert, known as JB, Pritzker of Illinois. But that’s only one thing for each of the names so far: pure speculation.

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