Bet that? with Thomas Gottschalk: Old, soft men in luck – media

Jell-O, goosebumps, Robbie: The sluggish revival of “Wetten, dass ..?” with Thomas Gottschalk arm hair and toenails stand up at the same time.


Marlene Knobloch

After half an hour it’s there, the complete ’00s shock. On this Saturday evening, Robbie Williams – “Mega-Star” Robbie Williams – walks up the stairs with a glitter suit and violins to “Angels”, past rows of spectators, divides the white sea of ​​cell phone lights, claps hands, strokes his star fingers while singing Cardigans and C&A jackets, he puts his arm generously around a boy who doesn’t even think about fainting, but concentrates on transferring his touch to the internet. Friedrichshafen sings “She offers me protection, alalala and affection” more beautifully and shyly than any beer tent. Robbie sings audibly live, the hall cheers and screams and when the grey-haired pop star finally bows with shining eyes and the people with shining eyes applaud and Thomas Gottschalk calls “Robbie”, arm hair and toenails stand up at the same time.

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