Bestselling author Parag Khanna on Germany – Culture

Parag Khanna is a globalization expert, advised Barack Obama and graduated from high school in Schleswig-Holstein. A conversation about Germany – which he governs well, but feels insecure.


Moritz Baumstieger

the New York Times Parag Khanna called perhaps the “best networked person in the world”. It is definitely one of the most mobile. The political scientist, strategy consultant and bestselling author was born in India, grew up in the United Arab Emirates, Germany and the USA, received his doctorate in London and now lives in Singapore. Most recently, Khanna’s book “Move – the Age of Migration” was published, which prophesies a new migration of peoples. In keeping with the title, the 44-year-old answered the questions in the back seat of a car – coming from a lecture at a Munich car manufacturer on the way to the airport.

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