Berlin Theater Meeting 2023 – Culture

How nice: There will also be theater at the Berlin Theatertreffen this year. As always, since the first Theatertreffen 60 years ago, an independent jury of critics has been responsible for selecting the ten particularly notable productions. The fact that this is news and not a matter of course is due, among other things, to the irritating statements made by Matthias Pees, the artistic director of the Berliner Festspiele, who was appointed last year. When he took office, he thought about internationalizing the festival program: The “previous restriction to the German-speaking area” was “no longer up to date”, the new director found. Unfortunately, the use of the German language in the drama is “a major barrier” to the opening up of the Theatertreffen, at least to Europe. To remedy this, he would have liked to send the selection jury to “Vilnius or Warsaw, Lviv or Poznan” to see what was happening in the theater.

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