Berlin: Double-decker bus gets lost and rams the bridge – several seriously injured

Bad accident
Double-decker bus gets lost in Berlin and rams the bridge – several people are seriously injured

The double-decker bus is destroyed under a bridge in Berlin’s Steglitz district

© Paul Zinken / DPA

A double-decker bus is traveling on an unusual route for reasons that are not yet clear and gets stuck under a bridge. The destruction is great, four people are injured.

Several people were injured in an accident with a double-decker bus late Thursday evening in Berlin-Steglitz. According to initial findings, there were four injured, including two seriously injured, said a police spokesman. They were taken to hospitals for treatment.

According to the information, the accident happened around 10 p.m. on Bergstraße in an underpass that crosses a motorway and an S-Bahn line. The bus drove against the bridge there, the fire department said on Twitter.

Double-decker bus traveling on an unusual route

The upper deck of the bus, which collided with a cross member of the bridge, was torn open and crushed at the front. Photos showed severe damage to the upper deck, extending to the middle of the bus.

The fire brigade was on site with 40 emergency services. According to the police, structural engineers checked the bridge with the result that no serious damage had occurred to the structure.

Serious accident: double-decker bus gets lost in Berlin and rams the bridge – several people are seriously injured

It was initially unclear why the 282 bus drove on this route and used the underpass. Regularly, the line goes through other streets nearby.


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