Bercy is “studying the hypothesis” of relaxing the conditions, according to MP Sacha Houlié

Sacha Houlié thus intends to “unblock” numerous individual situations. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP

The president of the Law Committee of the National Assembly Sacha Houlié has contacted the Ministry of Finance so that it loosens credit conditions.

The Ministry of Finance is studying the possibility of relaxing credit conditions to encourage the relaunch of acquisitions in real estate, said Sunday the president of the Law Committee of the National Assembly Sacha Houlié (Renaissance). Bruno Le Maire “said to study this hypothesis», Assured the deputy for Vienne on France info. According to him, the possible avenues would be to “loosen some conditions, either the (maximum debt) rate of 35%, or the exemptions which are open“.

On France info, Sacha Houlié called for “overcome all these little difficulties» which currently prevent certain households from having access to property. “35% maximum debt rate is the rule set by the High Council for Financial Stability with insurance”, this poses according to him “some difficulties» for certain French people who find themselves thus «on the sidelines“. “I think we need to unblock this situation“, he affirmed, particularly in view of “relaunch an entire housing sector which is currently at a standstill“.

“Unblock individual situations”

Bruno Le Maire, as president of the High Financial Stability Council, received a request to this effect from several Assembly committee chairmen, including Sacha Houlié, as well as the general budget rapporteur Jean-René Cazenave. “There are multiple cases in which households, whose income could justify borrowing to acquire a main residence or invest in rental property, are deprived of access to real estate credit. This reluctance can only be explained by the strict and prudential application of the rules decreed by the High Council», they lament in their letter.

A loosening of credit conditions “would unlock many individual situations and give a welcome new lease of life to housing construction or renovations», they still judge. The debt ratio of borrowers, including the cost of credit insurance, is currently limited to 35% of their income, although with exemptions for first-time buyers.

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