Benzema really ready to drop Real Madrid for Saudi money?

It is a departure in which we refuse to believe. No doubt even that we will still not believe it when it is signed. But now, according to the Spanish press, fairly unanimous on the subject in recent hours, Karim Benzema would be very close to communicating to Real Madrid his desire to respond positively to the fabulous offer of Al Ittihad, the recent champion of Saudi Arabia ahead of Al-Nassr, the club of Cristiano Ronado.

The offer in question, broadly? A salary of 200 million over two years, and the promise of feeling a little more behind thanks to an ambassador status for the kingdom’s candidacy for the organization of the 2030 World Cup. Basically, the same deal in one little less juicy than that offered to Lionel Messi. With a big difference, all the same: Benzema is still under contract for one year in the best club in the world or not far, clause “Ballon d’Or” obliges.

The tricolor striker, fourth top scorer in the history of La Liga and the Champions League, would therefore be the first major player to give in to Saudi sirens despite a concrete contract in a too European club, and even if we understand vaguely the temptation given his age (36 years old), the symbol of seeing the best player in the world in title leaving Real to go and collect his check in Saudi Arabia would be a real headache.

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