Benedict Cumberbatch: Actor takes on Ukrainian family

Benedict Cumberbatch
Actor picks up Ukrainian family

Benedict Cumberbatch performing in London.

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Benedict Cumberbatch hosts a family from Ukraine in his home. He also supports refugees with money.

Benedict Cumberbatch (45) will host a family from Ukraine in his home. That revealed the British film star “Sky News”. He is still waiting for them to arrive in Great Britain, said the actor, who has therefore joined an initiative to accommodate refugees. The 45-year-old just presented his new Marvel film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” in London. He wore a yellow shirt under a blue suit.

Cumberbatch said of the family who came to him, according to Sky News: “They made it out of Ukraine, I follow their path every day.” “Unfortunately, they still have to undergo medical treatment,” said the Hollywood star: “To say more about it would be an invasion of their privacy and to talk too much about when they come and how it is handled, in mine.” Cumberbatch only added that he wanted to give the family “some stability at my house” after the bad experiences.

Cumberbatch also provides financial assistance

The actor has also supported other people financially. He used the money to help families in Great Britain who wanted to bring in relatives from Ukraine. Accommodating so many people is very expensive: “So I tried to help financially in some cases.”


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