Belgium: Knife attack in EU district in Brussels

Knife attack in EU district in Brussels

Several police cars near the Schuman metro station in front of the EU headquarters. photo

© Sylvain Plazy/AP/dpa

Shocking moments in a subway station in Brussels: a young man injures three people with a knife. The police manage to apprehend the attacker.

Three people have been injured in a knife attack in the heart of the EU district in Brussels. One victim suffered serious injuries, two people were slightly injured, police said. Previously there was talk of an injury. A man was arrested in Monday night’s incident.

In the Schuman subway station, a dpa reporter observed how a young man in a black and white T-shirt was arrested by the police. A few minutes earlier, passersby had shouted: “He has a knife,” as a dpa reporter heard. In the evening, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close wrote on Twitter: Good police cooperation led to a quick arrest.

Several police officers with dogs were also on duty at the Schuman stop during the arrest, shielding the area. The Schuman station is right between important EU institutions and is used by many EU employees.


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