Beginning burnout: Ten hidden signs of too much stress

If planning your vacation is just a burden, you suddenly find your partner stressful, you often forget something or you don’t sleep well: This is how you notice early warning signs of too much stress and exhaustion. What can then help you counteract burnout.

Is this still normal or am I on the way to burnout? At least one in four people in this country is often stressed, they show Health insurance company surveys. Anyone who is constantly under electricity rightly asks themselves: Is it still healthy? Or should I pull the ripcord?

But this thought is usually followed by: nothing. “Many people don’t recognize the early warning signs of burnout,” says expert Helen Heinemann from Institute for Burnout Prevention in Hamburg and adds: “You only go to the doctor when severe sleep disorders, unbearable pain or a total collapse force you to do so.” Then, however, the suffering is great and recovery also takes a very long time.

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