Before warning strikes on Monday: In many places, students can stay at home

Status: 03/24/2023 4:58 p.m

Because of the warning strike in the transport sector that took place on Monday, some federal states are giving pupils the freedom to come to school. In North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, attendance is still compulsory.

The planned major strike in the transport sector on Monday will also affect school operations in several federal states. In principle, compulsory schooling applies despite the expected traffic problems. This means that regular lessons also take place.

But there are exceptions. Pupils who cannot come to school because of canceled buses and trains and have no alternative travel options can exceptionally stay away from face-to-face classes on Monday. The ministries of education refer to the regulation, for example, in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania there. In this case, the school must be informed immediately – similar to a sick note.

Special regulation in Bavaria

In Bavaria, there is a special regulation for students who cannot come to school because of canceled buses and trains: “You can stay at home on Monday,” said Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (free voters) of the dpa news agency.

Depending on the situation on site, further measures such as postponing announced performance records, distance learning for individual grades or similar are possible in individual cases. This is the responsibility of each school.

Compulsory presence in NRW and Berlin

In North Rhine-Westphalia on the other hand, the children have to go to school despite warning strikes. “School will take place next Monday,” said the Ministry of Education. Also to the Brandenburger Schools should run the lessons according to plan. However, students who are dependent on school transport can also be exempted from face-to-face teaching there. In Berlin the children are not allowed to stay at home. In Lower Saxony and Bremen Easter holidays start on Monday.

Nationwide warning strikes in long-distance, regional and S-Bahn traffic on the rails, at many German airports, waterways and ports as well as motorways have been announced for Monday. The railway and transport union (EVG) and ver.di are fighting for more income in different collective bargaining rounds.

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