Before the prom drama, an intense day of filming

A prom, a disco ball, young people on their 31, love in the air… And suddenly, it’s tragedy. In Here It All Begins, nothing ever goes as planned and the big party wanted by the students of the Auguste Armand Institute next week will be no exception to the rule. On March 9, at the Mas du Grand Bordes, in the Gard in Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze, it was the commotion before the disaster for the actors of the TF1 series.

“Silence, we need to repeat”

A very large part of the cast is gathered in this place located three kilometers from the fictional cooking school. Outside, a large banner with the words “Promo 2022” announces the color. We enter through a back door that prevents us from discovering the dancefloor right away. About forty people forming the technical team gather behind a large black sheet. Not a sound… Catherine Marchal and Fabian Wolfrom shoot a scene together. Around them, the only people authorized to discuss are the dozens of extras, undermined as ever.

Between two takes, the various actors wait by responding to their messages on Instagram or by pulling on their electronic cigarette. The pressure is great for the technical teams: after the scene between Louis and his mother, a steadicam turns around Salomé and Axel, the new kid. “Silence, silence, we need to repeat. The choreography repeats itself but in silence,” asks director Jérôme Navarro. The plan isn’t easy and it’s more than half an hour later that the cameras are finally rolling… without music. We then hear the footsteps of the crowd on the dancefloor.

Everyone dances and stamps their feet, the noise on the set is deafening. And suddenly, a sharp noise, people are shouting. The scene is so surprising that it makes the technicians laugh. It’s a first noise that initiates a dramatic event…

A recreation for the entire cast

During a break, Aurélie Pons said to herself “completely K.-O. » The semi-finalist of Dance with the stars chained the steps all day and yet, only two sequences were boxed. “Salome has been a little absent lately so it’s a bit like the ark where we find her,” says the actress. It’s so good to find everyone, it reminds me a bit of the beginnings, our evenings when we were all together at the hotel. For us, it’s as if it weren’t fiction after all and that’s very cool. »

It’s clear that this prom, before disaster strikes, looks like a big playtime for the actors. Even if they are all in great demand and stay up all afternoon, the joy of filming this choral intrigue makes them forget these very long days. For Kathy Packianathan, “the border between reality and fiction is a bit porous because everyone thinks we’re going to party, except that in reality, it requires a lot of discipline, control, concentration. You must not let yourself be taken in by personal pleasure, ”assures the one who plays the role of Deva.

Khaled Alouach, alias Théo in the series, would even prefer when there are fewer people on set “because you know that when there are more people, you will have less concentration at that time. So you know you’re going to finish late and your privacy is going to suffer,” he smiles.

After prom, “something red Mill »?

In total, around thirty actors take part in this prom, i.e. almost the entire cast. “Each one will intervene in the middle of an overall plot, it requires more concentration, more energy, a kind of endurance. You always have to be ready to draw when it’s your turn,” says Sabine Perraud, who plays Constance Teyssier.

“It’s more intense because these are big days, everyone has to get ready with all the extras, it’s a lot of technique so it’s much longer”, confirms Aurélie Pons. Nicolas Anselmo, he does not play a primary role in this plot. So between two sequences, we catch him dreaming. His strongest wish, as a dancer, would be to choreograph a special musical comedy episode where the characters would throw flour in the air and play with the pans. “A thing of the red Mill “, he imagines.

Around 7 p.m., it’s time for a dinner break for everyone except for him and Catherine Davydzenka, who come to tread the dancefloor one last time, alone on the floor to the sound of a telephone. We reassure you, in real life, nothing dramatic happened.

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