Before the “final” against Spain: Kai Havertz is annoyed by that

Before the “final” against Spain: Kai Havertz is annoyed by that

Kai Havertz

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DFB star Kai Havertz can no longer hear the question about his position: After the Japan game, the Chelsea professional is also self-critical

Since Miroslav Klose left, he’s been raging DFB team a never-ending striker debate. Kai Havertz is currently taking over the post on the nine, but he is too Chelsea-Star not beyond doubt. After the game against Japan, Havertz is of course also under scrutiny. But he was now annoyed by the debate about his position.

Kai Havertz is an offensive all-rounder, as he is in the book. In football, however, the same sometimes applies as in the restaurant business. Anyone who can do everything does nothing really well. Of course, the 23-year-old is a strong player, but not one who can keep up with strikers like Lewandowski, Kane or Haaland. After Havertz’s mediocre performance against Japan, he was repeatedly asked about his favorite position on the PK. The Champions League final hero from 2021 reacted somewhat thin-skinned to this question.

“The question of position is really annoying me now, I have to say. Everyone now knows that I can be used flexibly, that I can play number nine, that I can play number ten, that I can play on the right and that I can play on the left can play,” explained the moderately moody DFB kicker. For him, the only thing that counts is throwing everything into the balance for the team. “I step on the gas, no matter where it is in the end,” he clarified.

Havertz is self-critical after the Japan game: “You have an obligation to score goals”

However, Havertz also admitted that the tasks in the center of the attack are different, that you are “a little better integrated into the game” on the ten and you have to “find other spaces” on the nine.

It is still uncertain whether the flexible attacking player will also be allowed to play against Spain from the start. In any case, he was self-critical about his own performance against Japan. “As a striker, you have an obligation to score goals. I didn’t do that against Japan,” he said disappointedly. It is possible that Flick instead of the Chelsea star with Niclas Füllkrug or Youssoufa Moukokoputs on a real peak.

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