Because pants are too short: café employees report a man – Ebersberg

The short shorts, i.e. the short pants, have had their place in the history of pop music for more than 60 years. The Shorts Song Royal’s Teens from 1958 is still liked by many today – real shorts, on the other hand, not always, especially if they don’t have a fixed place on the wearer’s body. This happened half a year ago in a café in the western district, which is why the braces now had to answer in court.

The 60-year-old was accused of exhibitionist acts against the employees of the café in question. The accused had often stopped there in the summer, got himself a coffee and sat down on the terrace to smoke. The fact that he was dressed rather scantily – including very short trousers – was undisputed, as was the fact that while sitting there were certain insights. Specifically, one could see at least part of the accused’s penis. But what, the defendant asserted, was a pure mistake that he only noticed when the police questioned him about the allegations of exhibitionism.

At first, the café staff assumed it was an accident, but it happened more often

The man was reported by the café staff, but only after the accused had appeared there a few times with his trousers too short. In the first incident, they thought it was a mistake, both employees testified in court. They would have even found it a bit funny, just an unfortunate accident.

But it became less and less funny when the accused kept showing up in his tight pants in the café on Saturdays for a few weeks and each time sat down in the same place outside so that you could see inside the pants from inside the shop. In addition, according to the witnesses, they had the impression that the accused was looking for eye contact with them while he was sitting on the terrace with insufficient clothing. After about a month, the employees had enough and filed a complaint. According to the witnesses, the decisive factor was that their children were also present in the café on the last Saturday.

The judge recommends that the accused wear underwear

The defendant apologized to both witnesses in the courtroom and again asserted that it was a mistake. At least this apology and the fact that the 60-year-old has no criminal record can be counted in his favor, according to the prosecutor. Otherwise, the accident is not credible, “maybe if it happens once, but not three or four times, you notice something”. The defense countered that several mistakes in a row were just mistakes and demanded acquittal. The behavior of the accused is very atypical for an exhibitionist: “Someone hasn’t been a criminal for 60 years and then suddenly goes to the café to show two centimeters of their penis – to everyone who looks very closely.”

The judge nevertheless followed the prosecutor’s office, and the accused was sentenced to 75 daily rates of 130 euros each. The statement that he had not noticed that one could see into his pants is not credible, it is also surprising “that one does not come up with the idea of ​​​​wearing something underneath”.

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