Bayern Munich – Manchester City: “Below everything”, Clément Turpin is torpedoed in Germany

Frustrated by his elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Manchester City (1-1 after the 3-0 defeat in the first leg), Wednesday evening, Bayern Munich spent his nerves on Clément Turpin. Always a little easy to attack the referee, even if on this one, the French whistle did not do much to save themselves the lost balls.

Turpin was not at all in the spirit of the encounter, for example whistling a penalty against Dayot Upamecano at 0-0 for a hand that trailed on a tackle while the defender had made the effort to approach hands behind your back. And that his unfortunate deviation had no influence on the trajectory of the ball, pushed back by his goalkeeper. Penalty finally missed by Haaland, but that does not change anything at the bottom of the story.

The French referee whistled another penalty at the very end of the match in favor of Bayern, for an English hand in a corner of the surface, after a deflected ball, without any influence on the game. At the time, Clément Turpin did not was not helped by his video assistants, who alerted him to the situation as he was let go.

So much for the two most commented situations. We spare you the faults whistled upside down and a few cards distributed despite common sense. Obviously, at the end of the meeting, the Germans were mad with rage, Thomas Tuchel in the lead:

“Two elements were not at the level: the lawn and the referee. I would give him a score of 6 (the worst in Germany), from his first to his last decision, the Bayern coach slammed. I did not even see the fault on the penalty that we were awarded. He was below everything. It’s amazing at this level. He whistled anything and everything. »

A little less vehement, Thomas Muller pointed out to him that “the field and the referee were not necessarily on our side in the small decisions. Especially the referee”, when sports director Hasan Salihamidzic felt that his team had “a very good match, despite the referee”.

Finally, Habib Beye, commenting on the match for Canal, summed up the situation well: “I am thinking of the coaches, the players. As a commentator we are disappointed to experience these situations because we take a lot of pleasure, and this pleasure is marred by two incredible situations, which make Clément Turpin’s match a bad match, estimated the former Marseillais. We just have to say that, we have to stop bringing it back to the law. Mr. Turpin was wrong twice, and in addition the second one leads him to be wrong even more because it is the VAR which intervenes. These decisions prevent us from having fun in a match that gave us some. »

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