Bavaria’s fateful year 1923: The year of the radicals – Bavaria

Inflation, war and extremism destabilized the young democracy of the Weimar Republic 100 years ago. How did the crisis lead to the catastrophe? There are still many sources lying dormant in the Bavarian archives that have not been evaluated.


Hans Kratz

It’s a blessing that history doesn’t repeat itself, at least not in detail. It is all the more amazing how many parallels to the present can be seen when looking back. “That’s really striking,” says historian Bernhard Grau, who has held the post of director general of the Bavarian State Archives for several months. Inflation, war, extremism, these are the names of the nuisances of the present, but they were already plaguing people a hundred years ago. It is precisely for this reason that it is advisable to keep in mind what fatefully moved in the wrong direction in 1923, a hundred years ago. A number of lessons can be drawn from this.

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