Bavaria’s cultural scene is being reorganized – Munich

At the beginning of the pandemic, many cultural workers waited for weeks for politics to be mentioned in their deadly serious public speeches. They who had to cope with the rigorous closure of their theatres, concert halls, stages, cinemas and museums while the hardware stores were already open again. But first nothing came for a long time, then the incorporation under the category “brothels and amusement parks”. Not meant to be funny. A slap in the office, which now shows consequences.

The realization that there is no political lobby – at least not among the most important decision-makers – has brought various actors onto the scene. One of the newly formed alliances is the “Initiative Kulturzukunft Bayern”. Which calls all citizens to their first major public event on Monday and announces more. Her goal: “In the 2023 election year, we are demanding key statements from politicians and a concept for the future of cultural infrastructure in Bavaria.”

The association does not consist of the cultural workers themselves, but of sponsors and circles of friends of the most important Bavarian cultural institutions – such as the circle of sponsors of the art area, the friends of the national theater, the friends of the symphony orchestra of the Bavarian radio. From week to week, more circles of friends join, after the big ones from Munich, now across Bavaria. Organized in it are many thousands of mostly experienced personalities from business.

Over the past few decades, they have increasingly raised the money to step in when state museums don’t have the budget for acquisitions, for example, or to finance the cultural mediation of orchestras in the first place. Representatives of listed Bavarian companies are also part of these patronage companies, as are sponsors from well-known and traditional family businesses.

According to the constitution, Bavaria has to be a cultural state

They don’t bother whining about precarious working conditions in the Bavarian cultural scene, and in doing so they put a thorn in the side of the traditionally business-friendly CSU. They call on politicians in a very goal-oriented manner to fulfill their noblest duty: to shape – namely the cultural state that Bavaria has to be according to its constitution.

The questions are obvious: What should its future look like? How are those treasures that artists created and financed by Bavarian taxpayers or that were tricked out of the purse of his ancestors by dukes, kings and elected representatives of the people to be saved and preserved? And how, above all, should this inestimably valuable legacy be further developed in a way that is profitable for everyone? The questions of the “Initiative Kulturzukunft Bayern” refer to the buildings of the museums, theaters and concert halls as well as to their contents. It includes urban development as well as the promotion of young talent.

That’s why it’s loading Monday, January 30, 7 p.m. in the main hall of the Akademisches Liederverein Munich (Ledererstraße 5) for a lecture and discussion. “Culture – relevant for the future of our society!” the evening is overwritten. The guest speaker will be Charles Landry, a British urban researcher and adviser to urban planners around the world. Since the 1970s, Landry has been concerned with the question of the influence of culture and creativity on the future development of cities.

The speakers afterwards included Oliver Bäte, CEO of Allianz SE, Oliver Falck, head of the ifo Institute, and TUM professor, robotics and AI specialist Sami Haddadin. The culture manager Anna Kleeblatt and entrepreneur Markus Michalke, both co-founders of the “Kulturzukunft” initiative, will moderate the event. Admission is free. Registration is requested at

The Culturia Camp brings them all together: architects, designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, software developers

But this civic association is not the only one that is currently making a name for itself when it comes to the future of culture in Bavaria. Some people have already heard the buzzword in radio advertising: “Culturia” is a call for a new format that wants to “bring together talents from different disciplines and all of Bavaria” for the first time as part of a workshop camp. Under the motto “creative together”, a total of 77 young creative and cultural workers from various disciplines and all seven Bavarian administrative districts will meet in the Werksviertel in Munich on April 13th and 14th.

This initiative was initiated by Comm-Club Bayern eV, the professional association of the advertising and communications industry. Their representatives also say: “For a long time, the cultural and creative industries were not the focus of politics. To make matters worse, actors in the individual sub-markets – such as architects, designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians or software developers – often work in silos and not together interdisciplinary”. The “Culturia Camp 2023” aims to change this.

The interdisciplinary teams should develop project-ready solutions for current problems from the area of ​​tension “New Life, New Work, New Commerce” in the cultural sector. The team that wins the competition will then be honored as “Culturmacher:innen 2023”. Interested parties who work in one of the eleven sub-markets of the cultural and creative industries and have a maximum of three years of professional experience, can apply for participation until March 10th via the website

Interesting: This initiative is already being funded by the state. Not by the Ministry of Art, but by the Ministry of Economy, Regional Development and Energy.

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