Bavaria: The feel-good stable from Bauer Himmelstoss – Bavaria

Three or four farms, a trailer workshop and a few residential buildings: That’s Ponholz in the Cham district. On gray winter days, the air here in the Oberpfälzer Hügelland feels particularly cold, especially when thick, wet snowflakes are falling. Wafts of clouds pass through the woods, swallowing every sound. It’s a godforsaken area. In the animal welfare scene and with Minister of Agriculture Michaela Kaniber (CSU), however, Ponholz has a special sound. Because here is the farm of Josef and Judith Himmelstoss. The two have built a barn for their dairy cows in which animal welfare has top priority. Kaniber is so convinced of the concept that she gave the family her Animal Welfare Award. The award, which is officially called the “Bavarian Animal Welfare Award for Farm Animal Owners,” goes to farmers who Kaniber hopes will set an example.

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