Bavaria: Several accidents after lightning and freezing wet – Bavaria

Light snowfall, drizzle or freezing rain have led to slippery roads in many parts of Bavaria – with sometimes bad consequences. And the German Weather Service continues to warn of dangerous weather.

Mirror-smooth roads have led to accidents in parts of Bavaria. It crashed particularly often in Lower and Upper Bavaria, where icy conditions in the Landsberg am Lech area, for example, led to six accidents within just fifteen minutes on Autobahn 96 alone. A first responder was critically injured on Friday night, according to the traffic police in Fürstenfeldbruck.

In Upper Bavaria, a 30-year-old died almost simultaneously, and in Lower Franconia at noon a 20-year-old died in collisions with trees. In both cases, however, it was initially unclear whether smoothness was the cause. Meanwhile, the German Weather Service continued to warn of slippery roads. The meteorologists emphasized that there could also be patches of smoothness in the night to Saturday with light frost due to light snowfall, freezing drizzle or freezing wetness.

On Saturday, the sky should be cloudy across Bavaria, with temperatures of plus four to minus two degrees. Some snow is likely to fall locally in the east and south of the Free State. Drivers should therefore continue to be careful. In the district of Mühldorf am Inn, a 30-year-old man died on Friday night after crashing his van into a tree near Reichertsheim. As the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South described, the man died at the scene of the accident.

A 20-year-old from the district of Schweinfurt had a similar experience. He died on Friday afternoon near Sulzthal in the Bad Kissingen district after he also left the road for reasons that were initially unclear and crashed into a tree. A first responder near Igling (Landsberg am Lech district) had to fight for his life. During the night, a driver on the A 96 left the road due to the ice. Several people stopped to help.

Shortly thereafter, another driver lost control of his car at exactly that point and caught one of the first responders. The 29-year-old was thrown over the crash barrier and had to undergo emergency surgery with life-threatening injuries. Other helpers were also injured. There were also three slightly injured people almost simultaneously in another collision on the A 96 in the Landsberg area, where a driver drove almost unbraked into an accident car and the car of a first responder. According to initial findings, several cars were involved in an accident on Friday afternoon on the A 92 between the Deggendorf motorway junction and the Plattling Nord junction, and one person was probably slightly injured. Further details were not initially known.

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