Bavaria: Professor swims 2700 kilometers through the Danube – Bavaria

Interviewed by

Thomas Balbier

It’s Tuesday, shortly before 1 p.m., when Andreas Fath is caught dry. Actually, the chemistry professor from Furtwangen University should be swimming in the Danube and doing one move after the other to get closer to his big goal: to cross the Danube from its source to its mouth on the Black Sea. The “swimming professor” from Baden-Württemberg wants to cover a total of 2,700 kilometers in the water and take water samples every day – as he has already done in the Rhine and Tennessee Rivers in the USA. But Fath and the research team that accompanies him are stuck in Lower Bavaria due to technical problems, and one of the engines on the escort ship has failed. Enough time for a conversation about his crazy mission, the condition of the Danube and the big problem with microplastics.

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