Bavaria: mother sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering baby – Bavaria

The district court of Schweinfurt has sentenced a mother to life imprisonment for the murder of her baby. The presumably 28-year-old had confessed to killing her three-month-old daughter last August. According to the court, the accused stabbed the baby eight times with a kitchen knife in a refugee accommodation in Geldersheim near Schweinfurt. The motive for the crime could not be finally clarified. Thursday’s judgment is not yet final (Az: 11 Js 9519/22).

After the evidence was taken, the public prosecutor’s office had moved away from the original murder charge and had pleaded manslaughter. The prosecutor said on the second day of the trial that the murder characteristics such as malice were not fulfilled because the child’s father, who could have protected the girl, was several hundred meters away at the time. The court, on the other hand, assumed murder. The prosecutor had requested a sentence of nine years in prison.

The woman’s defense attorney joined the call for a manslaughter conviction but pleaded for eight years in prison. According to a psychiatrist, the Somali woman, whose age is estimated due to lack of papers, was guilty of the crime. There is only evidence of an emotionally unstable personality disorder of the borderline type.

Desperation, hopelessness, thoughts of revenge against the child’s father? “None of us can know why the defendant committed this act,” said the presiding judge. She certainly felt overwhelmed by the problems in her relationship and was probably hit by her husband. “She felt let down overall.” However, this does not justify the fact that the woman was characterized by self-pity.

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