Bavaria: More money for overburdened children’s hospitals – Bavaria

In order to alleviate the tense situation of the overcrowded children’s hospitals in Bavaria, the state government wants to help them with a financial injection. The Free State supports the children’s hospitals in the short term with five million euros, especially for digitization projects, said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) in Munich. A corresponding initiative of his was met with a positive response in the Council of Ministers.

The current wave of infections with the RS virus is worrying and is hitting children’s hospitals with full force, according to the minister. The special funding is intended to enable children’s clinics and hospitals specializing in pediatrics and pediatric surgery to make additional investments in the short term, which will make patient care easier for them. “For example, they can expand digital networking with other children’s hospitals or establish a patient monitoring system in the hospital. In doing so, we are setting an important accent for children’s and adolescent medicine in order to create relief,” said Minister Holetschek.

Where exactly the funds are used should be left to the clinics. “We are counting on the clinics using the funds as quickly as possible, thus making care easier.” The exact criteria for the distribution of the funds would be worked out at short notice and decided as soon as possible, it said.

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