Bavaria: Health Minister Holetschek should become Swabian CSU boss – Bavaria

The Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek is to become head of the CSU district association in Swabia. This reports the Augsburg General with reference to the previous district chairman and European politician Markus Ferber. Ferber therefore wants to give up his position as district chairman after 18 years. Ferber wants to propose Holetschek to the district board next Saturday as his successor.

“It is important to me that we reposition ourselves in Swabia with a view to the state elections,” Ferber told the newspaper. He agreed on this with Holetschek in a personal conversation. Holetschek himself did not want to comment on the personnel when asked on Thursday. After there was a generation change among the MPs and the chairman of the CSU parliamentary group, Thomas Kreuzer, announced his withdrawal from state politics, it is now important for the Swabian CSU district association to be represented again with a strong voice in Munich , Ferber continues.

Holetschek, who once succeeded him as district head of the Swabian Young Union, is exactly the right man for this. However, Ferber does not want to retire completely from politics. “Of course I will stand again in the European elections next year,” he said. With regard to the state elections, CSU leader Markus Söder had repeatedly stated that the ministers of his party played a particularly important role and that they were “local heroes” to attract as many votes as possible.

In this context, Minister of Construction and Transport Christian Bernreiter is to become the new chairman of the CSU in Lower Bavaria. At the district party conference on July 8, he will take over the post from former Federal Minister of Transport and Member of the Bundestag Andreas Scheuer. Similar to Swabia, Bernreiter and Scheuer have mutually agreed on a change at the top.

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