Bavaria: Bus driver shortage job – Bavaria

Wolfgang Durner has already reached retirement age, but he still sits behind the wheel of a bus. Without people like him, the regularity of scheduled services could not be maintained in many places.

Wolfgang Durner is a bus driver and therefore a member of an exclusive club: he works in a profession where there is a shortage. Without it, children would not be able to go to school and adults would not be able to work. But at half past twelve boys and girls stream into Durner’s bus. The 67-year-old has already completed two tours at this time: Today, before 8 a.m., he brings local children to school, and at lunchtime and in the evening he drives them to their parents or grandma. He will work twelve hours today. Wolfgang Durner, whom everyone only calls by his first name, greets each child individually. “Greetings,” is what comes back this morning, at least most of the time. Here in the countryside, in the Gangkofen area, the students and their lesson times dictate the line schedule. In terms of climate policy, however, it is desired that adults will leave their cars at home more often in the future. Can you expect the bus to come too?

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