Bavaria: Bus cancellations due to protest action by – Bavaria

Dozens of regular bus trips were canceled in south-east Bavaria on Wednesday morning. The trigger was a protest action by twelve private entrepreneurs who carry out these trips for the regional transport companies. The protest is intended to draw attention to the “hopeless situation in the wake of the energy crisis,” said the Bavarian Association of Bus Companies. The focus was on the districts of Rosenheim and Mühldorf. According to the protesting companies, lines in Berchtesgadener Land and Traunstein were also affected.

Claudia Hollinger, one of the bus operators involved in the campaign, said that around 50 of the company’s buses did not run on Wednesday morning from the start of the shift until around 9 a.m. In total, she assumes around 100 canceled trips and – roughly estimated – several thousand affected passengers. The RVO, as the regional transport company mainly affected, listed 82 affected trips.

The bus companies are currently in a difficult situation. On the one hand they suffered from fare losses due to the pandemic, on the other hand from the sharp rise in prices for diesel and AdBlue. “We feel compelled to demonstrate the important contribution we are making to the mobility of the population,” explained Hollinger. “If we are no longer there, the students will not come to school in the morning and working people will not come to their workplace.”

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