Bavaria: AfD in the TV talk with the minister? No thank you! – Bavaria

The AfD faction likes to complain that they are rarely allowed to debate on Bavarian television. Recently, however, she skipped an extremely prestigious performance. The background is probably the internal constant trouble.

When it comes to being present on public broadcasters, the AfD is known to feel disadvantaged. Munich MP Uli Henkel, who is also a member of the BR broadcasting council, recently vented his anger at a press conference. A “scandal” and “suppression” are the “very, very rare” invitations to the formats Munich round, Sunday regulars and now I’m talking of Bayerischer Rundfunk, he said (curiously, directly into a BR microphone placed in front of him).

For example, the five percent FDP is invited three times more often than the ten percent AfD, he calculated on the basis of an evaluation – “I don’t want to talk about the Greens at all”. Perhaps it would be worth taking stock of TV appearances that never took place despite being invited. Because she screwed up the AfD in her merciless internal constant zoff.

At least such a recent case is being hotly debated – in a closed chat group of AfD officials at state and district level, in whose posts the SZ reporter could put his curious nose. Further research also revealed the following process: The BR wanted Oskar Atzinger, spokesman for education policy now I’m talking invite – it’s a highly prestigious appearance, because opposition politicians usually sit on the podium with a minister of state. So the editors sent Atzinger’s invitation to the AfD faction – but the offer didn’t reach them at all. Instead, his participation was apparently canceled without informing him.

The parliamentary group board is based on the camp, which is more moderate in its own way, the Lower Bavarian Atzinger (only since spring as a successor in the state parliament) is one of the opposing troops around the former bosses. The two groups fight each other in their day-to-day work. In the meantime, the faction staff is said to have offered a guest from their own camp, but the editorial team specifically wanted the education politician – and understandably also retained sovereignty over their invitations. In any case: In the end, no AfD politician debated with Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (FW).

Although some in the AfD think: Nobody is better than Atzinger. After all, he had already shown his talent for crude ideas in his maiden speech in Parliament and might have said colossal nonsense on the show. Others point to Atzinger’s inexperience, in an orchestra it’s not the newcomer who immediately plays the solo. When asked, the AfD parliamentary group leadership did not comment on the cause: “internal matter”.

In said chat group, however, there is stunk – “shame”, “mess”, “damaging the party”. One writes: The board must explain “how you could mess it up before the press reports that the AfD always complains about exclusion, but at the same time does not respond to invitations”. This was done with this column, if you please!

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