Bavaria: Act of violence in Lichtenfels – witnesses report – Bavaria

After a very detailed call, in which customers of a nearby department store and passers-by were described, some wanted people have already come forward.

After the killing of a woman in Lichtenfels, the investigators ask five other people who were near the flower shop near the Weka department store at the time of the crime to contact them.

The Police released a call for witnesses on Friday, in which a total of twelve visitors to a nearby department store as well as passers-by were optically described very precisely. In addition, residents from the area of ​​Bamberger Straße are being sought who can provide possible information.

The 50-year-old flower seller was found dead on March 10 in the evening. The alleged homicide caused great dismay in the Upper Franconian district town of Lichtenfels – and sprawled speculation on social media.

The police warned against participating in the spread of rumors and false reports: This could also have criminal consequences.

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