“Battle of the Reality Stars”: Start date has been announced

“Battle of the Reality Stars”
Start date has been announced

“Battle of the Reality Stars” returns to TV screens in a few weeks.


The “battle of the reality stars” is in the starting blocks: RTLzwei has announced the start date for season four of the reality show.

The “Battle of the Reality Stars” in the Sala continues. RTLzwei will show the fourth season from April 12 (every Wednesday at 8:15 p.m.). Then 23 celebrity candidates will fight for the title “Realitystar 2023” and the prize money of 50,000 euros. As usual, moderator Cathy Hummels (35) leads through the “hour of truth”, which is about the elimination of the participants every week. But this time there is also something new.

After the ten broadcasts, the broadcaster will show the after-show format “Battle of the Reality Stars – The Hour After the Hour of Truth” for the first time. In the live shows, according to the announcement, “reality stars and fans of the genre come together every week, talk about the current season, reminisce about their own participation and give exclusive insights from the sewing box”.

These stars are there

The stars who have to prove themselves in the celebrity flat share in Thailand as well as in action and skill games this time include the original “Bachelor” Paul Janke (41), “Summer House of the Stars” winner Antonia Hemmer (22) , “Bachelor in Paradise” Casanova Serkan Yavuz (29), model and DJ Giulia Siegel (48), reality star Sarah Knappik (36) and TV scrap dealer Manni Ludolf (60).

Cathy Hummels is looking forward to the new season and would like to see a very special guest as a candidate in the “Battle of the Reality Stars”: “The best reality star in the world, namely my dad, Fredi Fischer,” she revealed before the start of the season. “It doesn’t matter if I show him on Insta and he was also in my documentary, everyone always says he’s so funny, so warm.” Her father would be “a bit like Shepherd Heinrich, even if he’s not that well known,” she adds. “So adorable, so real, so unintentionally funny and he makes music and would entertain the whole group.”


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