“Barbarians”: The second season comes in October

The second season comes in October

David Schutter, Jeanne Goursaud and Laurence Rupp in “Barbarians”.

© Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor

The second season of the historical series “Barbarians” starts on Netflix in October. The first was the most popular German production in 2020.

The “Barbarians” are back: On October 21, Netflix will start the second season of its historical series. Six new episodes await fans of the German production. This time, new faces are also taking part in the fight for Germanic independence against Rome. Among others, Daniel Donskoy (32), Murathan Muslu (40) and Cynthia Micas (32) come into play as new characters, as announced by Netflix. A first teaser has been there for several weeks.

Crowd favorites back

Again, Thusnelda (Jeanne Goursaud, 26) and Ari (Laurence Rupp, 35) try to unite the tribes against Rome. Meanwhile, Folkwin (David Schütter, 31) challenges the gods in an ominous way. The streaming service promises in a press release: “New enemies and allies, impressive battles, passion and betrayal.”

The first season of “Barbarians” was the biggest German-language Netflix success in 2020. The six episodes about the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest made it into the top ten list in a whopping 91 countries, as the service announced at the time.


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