Balloon affair: Weber calls on the EU to join forces with the USA against China

balloon affair
Weber calls on the EU to join forces with the USA against China

Balloon affair: EPP boss Manfred Weber promotes a close alliance between the EU and the USA. photo

© Michael Kappeler/dpa

EPP leader Manfred Weber has sided with the United States in the conflict over a possible Chinese spy balloon – and is now campaigning for the EU to do the same.

In view of the dispute between Washington and Beijing over a suspected Chinese spy balloon over US territory, EPP chief Manfred Weber has called on the EU to close ranks with the US.

“The new obvious espionage actions by China against the USA give cause for concern,” Weber told the newspapers of the Funke media group. The behavior of the Chinese leadership towards Western countries is becoming “significantly more aggressive”. In the “system competition with China” the “free world” must now join forces, he demanded.

“Close solidarity between the US and the EU and other allies is essential. This is the only way to contain the increasingly aggressive giants in Asia,” said the leader of the European People’s Party. The European Union must recognize that it also has responsibilities in Asia. Above all, the EU states would have to agree on a common China strategy. “We must not leave our American friends alone with their partners there.”

The US military shot down a Chinese observation balloon that had been flying over the US for days on Saturday. The US accused China of spying on the balloon. Beijing protested against the “obvious overreaction” on Sunday and again rejected the allegations.


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