Ballet evening “Alter Hase” in the Theater Hoch X – Munich

One of the touching moments of the world premiere of “Alter Hase”, a “Ballet for Five Formers”, in November 2021 was the scene in which Lajos Talamonti shows himself as an eight-year-old: a boy who, excitedly, gives his all when auditioning, yes Projection for ballet school. In the further course of the evening he looks back on the nine-year training at the Munich Ballet Academy/Heinz-Bosl-Foundation. Why did he and the four other former dancers take it all on themselves, the hardness, the discipline, the merciless competition of the bodies? Forty years later, they address these questions in spoken and danced scenes in the production of the “old hand” Lajos Talamonti. And report on the new paths they have taken in the meantime: the two ex-members of the Bavarian State Ballet, Christine Bombosch and Marc Geifes, now work as social workers and physiotherapists, for example.

Old hand, Jan. 12 to 14, 8 p.m., Hoch X, Entenbachstraße 37,

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