Baierbrunn – 3500 inhabitants without inn – district of Munich

As beautiful as it is in Baierbrunn, something is missing without an inn.

(Photo: Claus Schunk)

“We have 3,500 inhabitants and no economy.” What Baierbrunn’s mayor Patrick Ott (non-partisan voter group ÜWG) stated on Thursday evening in the municipal council’s building committee is sobering for a Bavarian village. The Waldgasthof is only in the Buchenhain district, but since the Zur Post inn was closed, the residents of the small community in the main town no longer have the opportunity to stop off for refreshments. As early as last year, the town hall came up with the idea of ​​setting up a public restaurant in the sports and community center. The members of the building committee have now unanimously voted in favor of it. Next, concepts should be examined.

It is important to the municipal councils that it is not a club restaurant where only club members have access, but that it is a professionally run restaurant for everyone. Only the traditional costumers should receive a small exemption: they can continue to provide their people with drinks at events. To eat, on the other hand, they should stop at the innkeeper, which Ott says they look forward to.

Gastronomy: The only inn, the Gasthaus Zur Post, has been closed for a year.

The only inn, the Gasthaus Zur Post, has been closed for a year.

(Photo: Claus Schunk)

The next step is a change of use for the sports and community center, the kitchen has to be enlarged and remodeled and the hospitality room, which is currently only used by clubs, has to be redesigned. There are several ways to implement the plan. The municipality could take over the planning and financing itself and lease it to an innkeeper with special conditions. However, there are said to be interested parties who would be willing to take on a large part of these costs themselves. The community has already received several unsolicited applications, some of the applicants are associated with the sports club, others are operators of a sports restaurant in the district. Despite this good selection, an invitation to tender must be made, as Ott explains. The decision about the future landlord will ultimately be made by the municipal council.

Some applicants will soon present their concepts so that the municipal councils have a better idea of ​​the possibilities. “You shouldn’t scare off the athletes either,” emphasizes Ott. At the same time, it is important to give the landlord a free hand. The restaurant in the sports center also has a certain influence on the planning of the town center, which is currently underway. A café is also planned there. With an inn in the community center, it might no longer be necessary.

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