Bahrain: Flight attendant dies at work – machine has to make an emergency landing

Gulf Air Flight GF-19
Tragic incident: flight attendant dies of a heart attack during flight – machine had to make an emergency landing

An airplane of the airline Gulf Air (symbol image)

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A tragic medical incident occurred on the flight from Bahrain to Paris. After suffering a heart attack, any help came too late for a Gulf-Air flight attendant.

A flight attendant died of a heart attack on a flight from Bahrain to Paris. Steward Yasser Saleh Al Y. suffered an attack on Gulf Air flight GF-19 en route from Bahrain International Airport to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, from which he never recovered. The incident happened on November 22 of this year, but all of its details have only just become known.

The plane was initially about 10,000 meters above Iraq when Al Y. crashed, Erbil Airport Director Ahmed Hoshyar told Iraqi media, the UK-based Daily Mail summarizes.

Flight route Bahrain-Paris

The pilots of the Airbus A321 then landed in the Iraqi city of Erbil in order to be able to help him with emergency medical care. Immediately after the emergency landing, the flight attendant was transported to a nearby hospital. For Al Y., however, any help came too late: he was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

This is what the secret sleeping cabins of the airplane crews look like.

The onward journey of the passengers was delayed by about four hours due to the emergency landing. “Daily Mail” quotes Gulf-Air from a post after Al Y’s death. released statement, saying: “The national carrier sends its deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of the crew member and confirms that the flight to Paris has proceeded as planned. […] Gulf Air affirms that the safety of its passengers and crew is its top priority and thanks the passengers on the affected flight for their patience and understanding.”

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